Develop habits which drive performance and prevent burnout.

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Meet the coaches

Peak States Expert, Founder of We Flow Academy

Sukh Kalsi

I am passionate about living a fulfilled life and helping you do the same. In my 1-to-1 work I help people overcome (a) chronic stress issues, and (b) performance issues. I use techniques including Peak States Trauma Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and Rapid Transformational Therapy (hypnotherapy). I created We Flow Academy to teach skills that reduce stress and increase flow. With these skills, I hope that you will be able to play bigger in all aspects of your life.

Lifestyle Doctor, Preventative Health Advocate

Dr Dilraj Kalsi

Dilraj trained at the University of Oxford, the top medical school in the world, where he continues to publish with colleagues about Patient Empowerment. He is a Lecturer in Digital Health at the University of Warwick and uses Lifestyle Medicine to help patients reverse disease in his online clinic Hippocrates Lounge. Shocked that 80% of health outcomes are due to health behaviours, socioeconomic background and physical environment, Dilraj is focused on Health at Work. Using lifestyle, behavioural and digital health, he is ushering in a new era of Preventative Health Care.

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Questions & Answers

  • How do high performance habits safeguard against burnout?

    Many people approach performance through a "grind harder" mentality. Likening our mind and body to a car, this is akin to driving continuously without any sort of maintenance. High performance habits are the maintenance to keep your vehicle running smoothly and navigation system to have the smoothest route possible.

  • Can I participate if I’m not an entrepreneur?

    Yes. This process is for anyone who wants to perform their best and know that they are not at present or for anyone who is experiencing symptoms of burnout and wants to address this. If this appeals, it doesn't matter what your job is, go ahead and apply.

  • Why wouldn’t I just get a coach?

    This is quite a costly option and they will not go into the depth needed to execute a process like this. You may not get the same result, i.e. an ability to create habits, creating an effective, balanced and sustainable lifestyle using habits as the building blocks. It is also likely that you would likely be very dependent on their support rather than set up a sustainable structure which you can use continuously.

  • Why wouldn’t I just use an app?

    This approach is very unlikely to achieve the same result. Most apps are inflexible to accommodate all your goals and don't give the level of insight which you need. Typically, there is no coaching interaction, ability for questions & answers or interpersonal collaboration through these apps. Accountability and community are very powerful forces which are missed.

  • What if I’m not based in the UK?

    No problem - you can still join! You may need to accommodate group calls suiting UK timezones. If there are enough participants in your timezone we may create additional Q&A calls.

  • How do I know this will work?

    As you've seen in the presentation, our process is based on a combination of techniques all supported by evidence. We have been using these processes ourselves with great results. We have had success with clients in the past. If, however, you have (a) seen no measurable improvements between week 1 and week 12, (b) have completed all the keystone actions, and (c) you are unhappy with your experience, then we will give you a full refund.