Your mind is an echo-chamber

Discovering and clearing blocks to being in flow can be a bit of a bumpy journey

External perspective creates insight

Combining independent efforts with coaching is the most efficient way to master flow

Co-create a better journey

Coaching sessions accelerate your progress in the areas which matter to you

Upgrade your mindset rapidly

We selectively employ the best tools for your current situation and circumstances

Everything will change

Mastering flow leads to being more energetic, more focused and more relaxed, which naturally uplifts every aspect of your life

Deeper Flow: $12,000

Includes: (i) Weekly 1-to-1 coaching sessions for 1 year; (ii) Access all online courses for 5 years.
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Meet your coach

Peak States Expert, Founder of We Flow Academy

Sukh Kalsi

I am passionate about living a fulfilled life and helping you do the same. In my 1-to-1 work I help people overcome (a) chronic stress issues, and (b) performance issues. I use techniques including Peak States Trauma Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and Rapid Transformational Therapy (hypnotherapy). I created We Flow Academy to teach skills that reduce stress and increase flow. With these skills, I hope that you will be able to play bigger in all aspects of your life.

Words from people who worked with Sukh personally


Tech founder, London

The results were amazing from the first day - I was blown away by how much it has helped. I wanted to keep doing this over and over for all my worries / issues.


Designer, UK

The session was a revelation and effective in processing the root causes of my issues. The experience was calming and I feel a lot more at ease in general now.